Introducing.. Marketing Internship, Hillside and WEMF

This marks my first true blog entry for PJThomas Consulting. I suppose a good beginning would be to discuss my current influences, both creative and intellectual.

I have been working as an marketing/client services intern with Discotoast Inc.

Toaster-LogoIt is a creative design studio that my friend Jory Bice dreamed up (more?) than a decade ago, when it was just him and his computer. Scan forward to 2011 though, and you will find a funky studio space filled with the likes of Brian Dunseith (Client Service,Marketing), Jory Bice (Lead Creative), Chris Hodge (Lead Technical) not forgetting Matt Soares (Developer) and us Interns.

On the intellectual side, my focus for this internship is primarily inbound marketing techniques. I have been studying Hubspot‘s Inbound Marketing University offerings, and hope to become a certified re-seller and trainer of their product. The opportunity to observe and assist the development of projects from the first phone call, to formal proposal, creative development, and technical acrobatics to get it all in working form, has been invaluable, and my biggest thanks to all the DT crew!

On the more exciting note of creative influences, Discotoast has always been at the forefront of design in what I like to call the “urban artisitic landscape”. This year we will be at the World Electronic Music Festival, manning a tent to promote web design packages particularly tailored for Musicians, DJs, and Music Producers!!



This will be the second three-day music festival I will get to attend in a work related capacity this summer, as the Hillside Music Festival in Guelph is fast approaching too 🙂  This part of my job is of course the most fun. Mingling with the artists, feeding off their creative energy, and trying to help them promote themselves to the world at large.

Anyhow, I met earlier this week with George Chow of Peaches and Green, and Akira Inman, dry stone mason extraordinaire, to discuss social media strategies and web design.. time to follow up!!